The « Dosendealer » project was born in the suburbs of Zurich from the passion of a few friends for graffiti, who decided to set up a small spray paint business. Over the years, this small business has developed into an impressive artistic meeting place, providing a platform for national and international artists.

By taking part in numerous events for the local graffiti scene, the creative center has become a key cultural meeting place in Zurich. In 2023, a new adventure begins for Dosendealer, which moves to Opfikon with a new indoor and outdoor showroom for the creation of murals in a renovated industrial environment. The re-opening exhibition brought together numerous Swiss and international artists to inaugurate the new space.

Participating artists: Gaspard Louane, Akryl, Meats87, Spieler512, Cyot, Quaki, Emanuel Roth, Drüegg, Safu, …

Open Doors

Host: Dosendealer
Dates: 26.08.2023 – 27.08.2023
Place: Zurich, Switzerland



Year: 2023
Technique: Acrylic, Glittters, Pastels on paper and canvas
Size: Different sizes

Gaspard Louane presents works on the theme of the mafia and gangsters. The main work is a canvas created with glitter, phosphorescent paint and acrylic paint. This is followed by 5 A3 drawings in pastel neocolor, and a mural with a corresponding aesthetic, painted in collaboration with artist Spieler512.

To find out more about the works presented and/or still available, please contact the gallery.