Gaspard Louane sees his work exhibited for the second time in South Korea. Klamp Gallery presents various works at the Urban Break Art Fair in Seoul. This major event brings together all the leading contemporary and urban art galleries in the Seoul area.

Participating artists: Gaspard Louane, Surrea, Mikhael Yesyurun, Ava An, Saerom Jeong, …

Urban Break Art Fair

Host: Klamp Gallery
Dates: 13.07.2023 – 16.07.2023
Place: Seoul, South Korea



Year: 2023
Technique: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: Different sizes

For this exhibition, the artist has created works with an urban theme. A diptych on canvas with a double love theme between two dogs and their respective owners. In the same vein, a mise en abîme of the skateboard and dog scene, on a real skateboard!

To find out more about the works presented and/or still available, please contact the gallery.