(text by Campus Attisholz)
What would the Attisholz site be today without the artists, without the owner’s courageous decision to open it up, without the broad support for the promotion of these cultural processes?

From 2024, the Attisholz site will be redeveloped and residential space will be created. – For this reason, we are gracefully bringing together the entire development of the art transformation since 2016 and showing it to a large audience as a permanent exhibition.

« Attisholz23 – A Retrospective » is an art exhibition on 3 floors in the Trafohaus as a thank you to the artists and to conclude the works created 2016-2022 on the Attisholz site. This exhibition is supported by the association BTS under the direction of Werne Feller, the initiator of the first area performance in 2016 as well as project manager of the art platform Campus-Attisholz with its curators and art scholars.

Participating artists: Gaspard Louane, Corso Bertozzi, Nicolo Bernasconi, Still Alive, Simon Berger, Emanuel Roth, …

Retrospektive Attisholz

Host: Campus Attisholz
Dates: 21.05.2023 – 29.10.2023
Place: Solothurn, Switzerland
Type: Group show



Year: 2017-2023
Technique: Acrylic and glitters on canvas
Size: Different sizes

For this retrospective exhibition, Gaspard wanted to present a series of previously unpublished works that fit in well with the theme. The artist took canvases from 2017-2019 (including one presented at Attisholz’s first show) and covered and reworked them with colored glitter. A way of bringing these past experiences back to life.

Some artworks are still available. Please contact us for a direct order.