Gaspard Louane took part in the Bama Art Fair in Busan, South Korea. This group show marked the start of a collaboration with Klamp Gallery, a contemporary art gallery based in Seoul.

For this exhibition, the artist presented two series of neocolor works on paper. The first shows four works on traditional architectural themes. Two drawings show typical Swiss mountain chalets, and the other two show hanoks, traditional Korean houses. The second, funnier series features four different amusing dogs, with a more childlike aesthetic.

Participating artists: Gaspard Louane, Fanny Brodar, Mikhael Yesyurun, Lee Isoo …


Host: Klamp Gallery
Dates: 03.03.2023 – 05.03.2023
Place: Busan, South Korea



Year: 2023
Technique: Neocolor pastel on paper
Size: 65 x 50 cm

The works were produced in Switzerland in 2023 exclusively for the BAMA Art Fair in Busan. They are framed in natural wood with glass in Klamp Gallery’s workshop.

To find out more about the works presented and/or still available, please contact the gallery.