In 2022, ‘LES UNS’ celebrated its 10th anniversary. A chance to look back on a decade of hip-hop activism, with three group albums, three graffiti magazines, two books, wild jams, live-painting, handmade streetwear, countless concerts, rap, graffiti and break dancing.

To mark the occasion, the crew staged an exhibition in downtown Lausanne, featuring relics from the past, collective paintings from live-paintings, exclusive photos, custom clothing and original works by some of the crew members.

There were also workshops for children, and people could bring their own clothes to be screen-printed, as well as concerts. A festive, family atmosphere for a crew still close to the hip-hop values of ‘Peace, Love, Unity and Having Fun’.

Les Uns 10 years

Dates: 16.09.2019 – 18.09.2019
Place: Lausanne, Switzerland
Type: Conceptual self-made crew show