Happy Switzerland

volume 1

Type: Limited edition
Date: December 2020
Quality: 120 pages, colored, 170gr paper

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Gaspard Louane invites 50 local illustrators and artists to answer the question « Why do I love Switzerland? » with an original visual creation and accompanying text.

The aim of this project is to question our civilization using the ‘positive gossip’ method. The idea is to generate a platform that gives voice to the positive, highlighting the aspects that bring us together rather than those that divide us, the aspects that give hope rather than those that inspire concern.

The comparable exercise would be to imagine having to present our living context to someone who would never have come here, while hoping that they would want to discover this place.

Participating artists: Arnow Dousse, Astus, Ange Violent, Benjamin Hermann, Camil Hämmerli, Camille Brülhart, Cécile Giovannini, Cécile Koepfli, Cedric Mabillard, Corso Bertozzi, David Fuerst, Dominik Ruegg, Emanuel Roth, Fichtre, Husmann Tschaeni, Inso Mundo, Jehan Khodl, Jean Gueissaz, Justin Okapi, Lain, Le Zeste, Line Parmentier, Lisa Hansen, Lisa Steiner, Lucie Fiore, Mandril, Margot Tissot, Meyk, Michel FR, Monika Juric, Muriel Mux, Nathan P, Nicolas Bamert, Nicolo Bernasconi, Ohlala design, Okean, Olivia Tinguely, Pollo7, Reel Steel, Robin Braendli, Rustre, Safu, Sine, Sope, Stefan Burri, Stephan Hostettler, Still Alive, Tenzing, Tiger Da, Weal