Art Histories

1. The Waiting Room

Type: Limited edition
Date: December 2020
Quality: 340 pages, colored, 170gr paper

Book is sold out

Art Histories – 1. The Waiting Room’ was created during the first covid-19 confinement. The idea was, at a time when everyone was told to stay at home and travel was impossible, to keep (and create) a link with the artists. Gaspard Louane came up with an illustrated hospital waiting room scene, each featuring a funny animal. He asked different artists to complete one of these scenes with a character of their own. The idea then came to collect the collaborative drawings and present each artist’s work and influence in a chapter of the book.

Participating artists: Michel FR, Mina Mania, Ange Violent, Rainman, Zeus40, Imon Boy, Tiger Da, Poes, Omouck, Davufu, Finer, Hellshe, Alfe, Sarme, Bebar, Starz, Still Alive, Milka, Mesk1, Abys, Planet Rick, Le Zeste, Oxi