(text by Tania di Brita)
The charm of Switzerland’s winding corners, narrow and cobblestone streets of the old towns are presented in Louane’s series. The series Staedtli is an ode to Switzerland’s cityscape and architecture.

As befits the discreet Switzerland, its most amazing buildings are not the world’s tallest or most expensive houses. Rather, what is astonishing is the breadth and variety of quality that extends from the mountains to the lowlands, from the outskirts to the city. The series is not about the accurate and proud depiction of various Swiss cities, it is much more about portraying the Swiss character of the cityscapes in a grounded and humble way with a slight fictional twist. Therefore the title sounds as small, tiny and cute, as Swiss cities are. Staedtli indeed means, small city in Swiss german. Besides the typical view of the iconic bell towers, trams and Lake Zurich, the dominant mountainscape is mostly visible in the background.


Host: Kolly Gallery
Dates: 23.11.2020 – 28.11.2020
Place: Zurich, Switzerland
Type: Solo show



Year: 2018
Technique: Acrylic and glow in the dark paint on canvas
Size: Different sizes

The aesthetic character of Louane’s works is expressionistic and free in use of colour. The depicted architectural motifs and landscapes seem almost sacral. The symmetry as well as the mosaic-like and detailed colour fields reinforce this impression. The forms and fields are geometric and precise. Striking colour contrasts are complemented by a prevailing renunciation of perspective and shading. The paintings appear visually intricate and frisky due to the interplay and juxtaposition of clever colour contrasts.

Louane’s paintings are bright, colourful and picturesque. The sights and places portrayed by Louane are deeply linked to his own experiences, emotions and relations. Louane paints what means something to him. His creativity is, where his heart is.

All artworks are sold.