Gaspard Louane represents the new generation of graffiti artists at the Mix & Match exhibition in Paris, where he shares the stage with some of the biggest names on the international graffiti scene. The event is organized by Cohle Gallery (formerly Happy Gallery) at the Espace Oppidum in the heart of Paris during the Urban Art Fair.

An original selection of works and artists in a fun atmosphere, with a lively DJ, a tub of beer and a happy, festive audience!

The participating artists are: Louane, Poes, FenX, Nasty, Mando Marie

Mix & Match

Host: Cohle Gallery (Happy Gallery)
Dates: 11.04.2019 – 15.04.2019
Place: Paris, France
Type: Group show



Year: 2018/2019
Technique: Digital print on paper and acrylic on canvas
Size: different sizes

The works presented were varied, starting with a triptych of illustrations featuring the city of Paris. The first shows a cut-out of a city center, with its various floors, including platforms and subways. The second features a sunset scene over the arts district, overlooked by the magnificent Sacré Coeur. The last features an apartment in the center of town, packed to the rafters, with many spicy details to discover.
Then there’s an original canvas with a typographic motif and two designer window frames.

All canvases are sold out, but some prints are still available. Please contact us for a direct order.