The eikon School of Applied Arts invites Gaspard Louane to showcase his artistic work through an exhibition and an exclusive conference. 

The exhibition attempts to bridge the gap between sketching at home, digital illustration, graffiti and street interventions, and finally, gallery canvases. The exhibition features a mix of photos, rough drawings and canvases, overhung by a large mural created for the occasion. It is also during this event that the book ‘Communications 1 – ouvrage de Louane’ is made available to the public.

Talk With Louane

Host: eikon Applied Art School
Dates: 08.11.2018 – 10.11.2018
Place: Fribourg, Switzerland
Type: Solo show and conference



Year: 2018
Technique: Acrylic on canvas and digital prints
Size: different sizes

The canvases on display are a continuation of the ‘Sandwiches Between Walls’ exhibition, with a denser series of typographic motifs in light but colorful contrasts. There’s also a whole series of digital prints, ‘Bern City Streets’, featuring funny animal drawings of real-life graffiti.

All canvases are sold out, but some prints are still available. Please contact us for a direct order.