Martinez Gallery initiates the conceptual exhibition ‘Methodology’. The concept is as follows: to bring together over 20 European artists to create an immersive graffiti exhibition inside its gallery on the famous Broadway.

The premise is that graffiti has its roots in the 80s, in American cities such as New York, but today, some would argue that the active graffiti scene is most vibrant in Europe. Indeed, while New York’s walls and subways scrupulously clean up their graffiti and repress their perpetrators, European capitals, perhaps more open to the phenomenon, have become the playground of graffiti artists from all over the world.


Host: Martinez Gallery
Dates: 15.09.2018 – 15.02.2019
Place: New-York, United States
Type: Immersive group show



Over a two-week period, the artists shared and got to know each other according to their affinities, and were led to paint the walls of the Martinez gallery. But not only that; several other walls were painted in public care centers, supported by Martinez Gallery. Gaspard Louane created a fresco in the doctor’s consulting room.

The participating artists are: Akbar, Bob59, Bortusk, Deone, Earl, Eliote, Fake, Felon, Finer, Glow, Guano, Louane, Maze, Meche, Mser, Oskolki, Pick1, Poison, Rainman, Roice, Seeyr, Starz, Staze, Stock, Super158, Xpome

This experience is recounted in an original book featuring numerous photos of the exhibition and its installation, as well as of the lifestyle shared during the project. The book is available from the Martinez Gallery website.