(text by Tania di Brita)
Kolly Gallery decided to involve and support a charity program. Kolly Gallery teamed up with Roule Petit Ougandais (R.P.O) Association to raise money to give children in Uganda the possibility to learn skateboarding in their free time. Gaspard Louane sold two customised skateboard through this event and all the money was given to the association.

The participating artists are: Speedy Graphito, Crash,Tilt, Ilk, Buff Monster, Flying Förtress, Gen Atem, Lenz, MOSES&TAPS™, SupaKitch,Thierry Furger, Zest, One Truth, Sweet Uno, L’Outsider, Serge LowRider, Louane, GoldenGreen, Base23, Bruce Crowes, Tobias Kroeger, Chales Levalet, Pez, Twoone, Never2501, 1010, Julia Benz, Ela and Pitr, Hilary White, Low Bros and many more.

Roule Petit Ougandais

Host: Kolly Gallery
Dates: 23.07.2018 – 25.08.2018
Place: Zurich, Switzerland
Type: Charity group show



Year: 2017
Technique: Different materials on skateboard wood
Size: 75 x 21 cm

The works presented are quite humorous. The first features a ‘Bratz’ girl doll holding a Tech Deck skateboard against an urban background. A playful nod to playfulness and inclusivity. The second shows a worn board broken in two, which we would have tried to glue back together with bandages, like a child looking after a stuffed toy.

Both artworks are sold.